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One shall stand, one shall ball.
Well do you trust Nintendo to make a good Metroid game anymore?
red chamber dream
the only possible correct answer is no
Cause you guys don't like Metroid games aside from Prime 1 in the first place.
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no, it's just that none of them after zero mission have been worthwhile
Quote from Idkbutlike2:
Why not just make an original FPS Metroid on the 3DS that uses beam stacking to forgo the need for a C-stick and work from there?

Because beam stacking has had piss poor implementation in every game it has been utilized, besides Fusion.

Zero Mission's beam is just shit. Even fully upgraded it's not worth it compared to the missiles.
Corruption's beam is overshadowed by the Hyper Beam anyways, and the stacking is used as a pure power up and replacement. You never use any of the attributes from the older powers.
Other M's stacking... Well let's just add it to the list of Other M's various faults.

Every half decent Metroid game (the exception of the GBA titles) has had swapable beams. (Even then Zero Mission's code originally had the ability to turn off power ups)
You could only carry one beam at a time in the original.
The same applied to Return of Samus (though you mostly used your missiles there).
Super Metroid brought on intentional toggling, AND stacking.
And Prime + Echoes both had 4 varied beams with unique uses that maintained their use throughout a casual play.
red chamber dream
one of the reasons i didn't like corruption was the stacked beam ... beam switching was so fun in prime ;(
The instant I got the second beam in Corruption I was trying to figure out how to swap beams. But then it dawned on me that I never could.

I was sad.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
If the rumors about there being a 2D and a 3D Metroid game both being in development are true, I would laugh heartily if the 2D one was on Wii U and the 3D one on 3DS. That would be such a Nintendo thing to do.
red chamber dream
that would probably be cool actually
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Quote from ryu:
Yeah the 3DS is 240p, half the resolution of the GCN

Are you serious? The fuck. When I think of my 3ds games I imagine them looking better than that.

I guess I just assumed the res was higher because I mean come on. Phones are starting to be higher than 1080p. I know it takes more gpu power but come on, my shitty iPhone from 3 years ago renders games better than the 3ds. I just don't get it.
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ryu: 2014-10-13 11:44:20 am
Well, Nintendo's thing is to sell cheap hardware at a good profit.

And then the 3DS has to render each scene for the upper screen twice for the 3D to work, and then also has to render the bottom screen.

That's how you end up with 240p in the century of 201x
Watch nintendo make a first person metroid game for 3ds with Kid Icarus Uprising controls.
Club 27 Goals
Or how about a new Metroid Prime Hunters, with metroid prime hunters controls?

are you high?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Poision Envy:
Or how about a new Metroid Prime Hunters, with metroid prime hunters controls?

Quotin' cause I'm down like a fuckin clown.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
What geocities page did you get that abomination from?
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
well, the 3DS is tech from 2010. it's already almost 4 years old by now.

Maybe on a DS that is newer than the "New" 3DS.
Metroid 2 Ho! (and Zm soon to come!)
With the new 3ds, there will be more than enough buttons for a prime port with the original controls
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
The extra CPU power won't hurt either. If it can run Xenoblade then Prime shouldn't be an issue.
If they were to ever do this, I just can't see them deciding not to use touch screen for aiming - which sucks.
red chamber dream
i don't see why they wouldn't give you a choice
red chamber dream
but i actually really doubt they would use the touch screen for aiming since prime only ever used one joystick
I hope you're right.  They just seem to never be able to pass up their gimmicks even if it makes the game shittier.
They thought touch screen aiming was so good then they decided **** it with Other M. Correct me if I'm wrong.