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Did you know that [glow=Yellow,2,300]Spire[/glow] can walk safety in [glow=red,2,300]lava[/glow]?
Could it be possible other hunters got special skill?
Some hunters will have some of these:
    -No damage from falling high
    -Can't frozen
    -Can't get headshots

Have you seen anything special in some hunter?
[glow=Green,2,300]Tell me[/glow]
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Super Metroid Addict
everybody already knew about spire...
Rolling Eyes at this thread. Seriously, people, it's called Gamefaqs. And, for the Spire line, the instruction book even tells you that.

Quote from 54747908563:
-No damage from falling high

No hunter has resistance from heights. This is incorrect.

[quote=54747908563 (fix'd)]-Can't get frozen[/quote]
Again, no. Spire can be frozen, folks. Even when he's standing in lava.

Quote from 54747908563:
-Can't get headshots

Yet once more, no. Everyone can get headshots; it's certain weapons that cannot reap the benefits of headshots, like Shock Coil. Also, Trace can take headshots when in Alt-form (I think.)
Zhs2 (you got your name changed?), I believe 54747908563 was saying that maybe in a different game one of the hunters would have those characteristics.

54747908563: Most people know and have known about that for quite awhile.