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Wow, surprised this one didn't get a topic already, seeing as its the first horror/fps for the DS. Has anyone gotten it yet? I heard that Gamestop/EB Games is already selling it.

Link: http://www.gamespot.com/ds/action/dementiumtheward/index.html
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red chamber dream
Are the controls similar to Hunters's?
From what I've heard the game has the same stylus aiming system.
yeah, controls are the same as MPH. I've played about one hour, it's very similar to silent hill. Great atmosphere. It also looks really good. I died at the first boss though, and now it seems that I have to redo the whole chapter again (chapter 4). :(
so it's actually scary?
If you play it in the dark and with earphones, then yes, I think it can be pretty scary.
Sorry on bringing this back, I didn't want to make another thread if one on this game is already on here, but I finally got this game (Never got the chance to play it back then, until now), but I noticed something really creepy when I paused the game and closed my DS to put it on sleep mode, the game would just keep turning back on and off real quickly. So I turned the volume all the way down on sleep mode, and it just sounded like someone was knocking in my DS. It was some pretty creepy stuff to be honest.

I just tried it again, but it didn't happen this time. Did this happen to anyone else when they played? Cause at this point I am on the idea that the game is that creepy, or my DS lite is on the fritz.