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Quote from arkarian:
jesus christ fusion has some of the most annoying sound effects in the world

Ridley's sound effects are some of the most beautiful harmonies that will ever grace your ears.
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That M2k2 guy
Quote from ZX497:
Wow, this is really cool! I wonder if Zero Mission has a similar menu hidden inside...

It at least has an item toggle debug code, so you can see each individual beam and all permutations. Again, cheat devices such as Action Replay are required to access it.
Is there an ips patch for it?
Quote from ZX497:
Is there an ips patch for it?

Uhh, sorry, I meant the Zero Mission one JaggerG was talking about... I already picked up the Fusion debug menu patch, fun stuff! :P
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Here's the one Trunaur68 made
Thank you!
How do I get it on the ds it holds gba games and I dono how to get the hack plase help me!!!!