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JustinDM: 2018-02-11 02:47:23 pm
Early this morning, a player by the name of Vertigo clipped out of bounds in Crater Tunnel B by using a Fission Metroid to push them through a hole in the collision. I figured I would do a write up on how to properly set up for this secret world.

1. Begin by shooting the door and wedging the morph ball between the door frame and a small dip in the collision. You want to be near the right side of the door frame. If you are not, then the Metroid will release into the wall and self destruct. (You can also be facing towards the door, which is slightly faster.)

2. Allow a Metroid to latch on to you. If you notice, when the Metroid latches on to the Morph Ball, it will roll forward very slightly. This is enough to transition the room and kill the Metroid. After it latches on to Samus, hold down-right and lay a bomb. When the bomb explodes, press forward.

3. Leave the room and line up with the door as such. The Metroid will attempt to attack, and will get in to position to attempt the secret world.

4. Wait for the Metroid to stop attacking, and re-enter the room. Once you transition, the Metroid will become passive again. It should be idling in this spot.

5. This is the frame before being clipped out of bounds.

A few nuances of how Metroids behave while in the "wrong room":
- If the door closes, they will become invisible and not react to any stimulus. To make them re-appear, open the door.
- Shooting the Metroid will make it come closer to you.
- Hitting the load trigger for another room will unload the Metroid as well.
- Currently there is an unexplained reason why a Metroid will "misbehave" while in the wrong room. This includes: the metroid constantly facing samus and/or flying against the wall.
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Mozzarella Sticks
I just woke up and read this. This is nuts!

Whisker's saying besides falling down, there's like one transition into Subchamber 1 that's risky but the rest of the wallcrawl isn't too bad. I'm so fucking excited to try this out.

The practice mod came at the perfect time
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JustinDM: 2018-02-11 04:37:19 pm
E A S T found a setup. This would replace Steps 3, 4, and 5.

More metroid nuances:

T3: "it seems that if the metroid screams and reactivates after being bombed that it will try to return to phazon core after transitioning to crater tunnel b"

VenMissa's BSJ out of the reposition: https://clips.twitch.tv/EndearingTriangularTermiteDoritosChip
red chamber dream
wow haha that's awesome
T3 found a different setup. A few people have reported having better luck with it.

loving low%
sub-hour 21% confirmed? :O
I've found a different setup.