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Club 27 Goals
oh no are you turning into a sjw too ark
Club 27 Goals
*gender-fluid queer-sexual pandering cyborg

im so sorry
red chamber dream

or, you know, geneva is a girl's name
fripp. robert fripp.
red chamber dream
isn't that the dude from king crimson?
I think so yeah
I miss hanging out on M2K2's IRC.  I should have joined the forum back then...

Anyone know if it's been moved to another server or something?
red chamber dream
i don't know, but i'm pretty sure all the old channels no longer exist

most metroid speed running talk has moved to a different forum as well (anyone remember the name?)
I have no idea -- I assume it just happens on discord/twitch and different games have their own places these days
dangit.  i still prefer irc over discord.