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I couldn't see this on the site, so I'm wondering if I'm the first to discover this (surely not)! I found it out last year, but thought it'd be common knowledge. Anyway, I can't remember the exact details but you'll easily be able to fill in the gaps - but basically, what you do is this. After defeating the second Alinos boss (which you save until last, after all the other Octoliths have been collected), you go straight to the cannon room. Upon entering the room and placing the Octoliths, the Oubliette appears and the timer stops! This puts the game in a sort of permanent "self-destruct" mode until you leave the planet - the teleports won't work back to your ship, but I think they might work in reverse possibly. However, it may save a bit of time because you're not having to make a special trip just to go to the cannon room.

I also worked out that with the Magmaul, you could do Arcterra 1 and some of Arcterra 2 before leaving, while the timer's counting (in fact, almost all of it - but the Boss Portal won't activate) AND use the second Ship Deck Portal to get back to the ship, but I see this has already been mentioned on the site.
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If you have a strong computer and access to an emulator, feel free to record a short video showing the detour to the cannon room and the stopping of the timer. We can try to get this added to the site if you are able.
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Already known, sorry
Bangaa Bishop
True but its not something we have on the main site.
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main site

lol. it's probably never going to get updated again.
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aww. i want to see the item loss skip trick in the main page of mp2.
I haven't been on M2K2 for a while, so sorry for the bump and here's the deal with that trick: I was planning on recording that ever since the beginning, but just didn't have time, and generally got lazy.  Motivate me, and maybe I'll get footage for the main site.
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well, if you get around to it any need any help, let me know.