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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been involved with the sequence breaking scene, but I have some fond memories from when Prime, Fusion and Zero Mission were still fresh. I don't have any of my old games (moving to Europe means giving up a lot of stuff, especially for a girl just out of college), but the memories are still with me.

I'm not sure if any of you remember me (I was a very minor contributor, especially by the standards of Banks, Kip and Trebor), but I helped develop some bomb jumping tricks in Prime. There are a few early item packs I made videos for in Zero Mission, and some very clever sequence breakers found a use for my shinespark trick in Fusion.

What are you guys up to now? Are there any games you'd recommend for getting back into the sequence breaking spirit? Other M was...disappointing. In a lot of ways. It almost seems like we won't be getting any new entries in the franchise, and at this point I'm not intending to get a Wii U.

Platinum Games has been rather good to me, lately. Okami and Bayonetta were fantastic, and I'm looking forward to trying Vanquish. They've just left me feeling a bit constrained by tight storylines, and I want to get some exploration in. The Metroid spirit is a tough thing to satisfy!

Nice seeing all of you again. I hope I'm wrong and we get a sequel soon!
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BioSpark: 2013-10-31 03:14:21 am
i wouldn't say any "sequence breakers" found a use for your shinespark jump in fusion, but it is quite useful in tas.

i guess two big things that have happened are miles getting 0:56 ss in prime and me getting 0% in fusion on console. otherwise prime and echoes are way more broken than they used to be.
Whoa, it's Corollax! I'm pretty sure I arrived on the scene after your time, but I've often seen your screen name mentioned in association with your Fusion shinespark trick.

Anyhow, I can tell you that Zero Mission any% hasn't changed much, besides getting faster. (We get a third super missile tank before Tourian in Ridley first runs now, otherwise I think it's the same.) On the other hand, the ZM 100% route has had a major overhaul since last March. I think the single most exciting difference is that we now skip the acid worm via horizontal bomb jump, and then return to fight the acid worm during cleanup. In the last seven months, the single segment 100% record has dropped from 53:56 to 50:58 (and sub 50 is console feasible, but perhaps best left for a segmented run).

Fusion 100% also saw some changes, though I'm not knowledgeable enough to talk about them. The most exciting thing is probably 0% on console. After BioSpark got it, both samthedigital and I also managed to do the Bob skip. To my knowledge, the Bob skip has now been done 15 times on console, and two 0% single segment runs have been completed.

While I'm talking about Fusion, I should mention that I want to use the shinespark jump in some serious runs, although I'll likely only do it in pause buffer runs because I'm otherwise really inconsistent at it.

As for games I'd recommend to you for sequence breaking... I can't really think of much outside the Metroid series. If you're looking to speedrun, then I might recommend ZM 100%, because we now have many fast 100% routes and runners. Barring that, you might consider getting into Super, since the Super speedrunning community on speedrunslive is very active. If you really just want to sequence break a game at a leisurely pace, then... well, I guess there are a lot of Super hacks out there now (my personal recommendation is Metroid Super ZeroMission).
Spidey what do you mean by buffered run? are you actually planning on doing a run saturated with buffered idealizations or just use the tough buffers that save only large portions of time.
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kirbymastah: 2013-10-31 11:06:51 am
kirbymastah: 2013-10-31 11:06:39 am
ILS happened. That is all

ILS = item loss skip, in metroid prime 2. so metroid prime 2 is the most broken metroid game besides maybe metroid 1 :P

There've also been a lot of route changes in MZM and Fusion 100% for the most part so you should check those out!

I have a video of fusion 100% in 1:07 with the updated route here -

Spidey widey has a video of the updated mzm 100% route in 50:58 here -

MilesSMB has been destroying metroid prime 1+2 so check out his runs here -

JamJam: I want to try the former, but if I'm lazy I may just go for the big time savers. I want to try doing reverse ice missiles with shinespark jumps, and I'd really like to then get out of ARC via an infinite wall jump. Any kind of infinite bomb jumping would probably be a bit too intense for me though.
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JamJam: 2013-10-31 11:18:47 am
reverse ice is still not worth it imo. even getting the sector 3 one like 60-70% of the time I'm still not gonna bother with it just because of how little times it gains and risky it is. dunno if their are any other big time savers I know of that use buffering, other than me and sams method for skipping the sax. also if you could somehow get the infinite wall jump with buffering that would be really crazy.
Wow, nice! There've been a lot of incremental improvements since I've been away. And it seems the forums are still active, too. I'll definitely check out those videos you linked. I can't wait to see which route people finally settled on for Zero Mission.

Did Miles really manage a 0:56 SS run? That's incredible! I've never been able to get the kind of consistent execution necessary for speedruns (much less single segment). Savestates were a big help when working on Fusion and Zero Mission. I can't imagine going without even reloading for a project that long! Go Miles. =D

And I just barely caught the Item Loss Skip in Echoes, but never really saw the consequences of it. While I enjoyed Echoes, it never held the same charm for me that Prime 1 did. Maybe it was because the areas were so...segregated. In Prime, it felt like you could go through a door and end up almost anywhere. The transition from Magmoor Caverns to Phendrana was nothing short of stunning, and it still leaves an impression today. Echoes seemed almost subdued in comparison, even when you weren't seeing everything through the purple filter of the Dark World. Despite having such a disconnect, the areas struggled to create their own unique feel.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I'm gonna go check out those vids now! :)
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kirbymastah: 2013-11-01 02:11:25 am
If you want to see most of the new stuff in action, live, I recommend looking at my own pastebin of a lot of streamers I watch - http://pastebin.com/7hE6c53V

It has a category of metroid speedrunners for various games, so you can see what new strats are up (and also my own stream too <_< )

I also REALLY recommend watching miles's 1:03 in mp2 any% single segment. He hasn't worked on it seriously lately, so he can improve it by a lot; he'll get back to it eventually.