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glad yall find #13 interesting.  it took me quite a while to come up with and refine it.  normal mode does not require suitless maridia.  hard mode, as far as I know, does.  I actually had this really amazing sequence of tricks lined up for my 'intended' route through hard that involved a way of doing maridia much harder than suitless, but it unfortunately turned out to not be possible (the tricks worked,  but you wouldn't be in a completable state after them).

i agree with dessy that 9, 11, and 13 are the best.  I also made 2, if you're curious.  15 doesn't seem to be up there, but it was more of a 'can you do this weird trick?' race than anything else.  12's solution annoyed me enough to come up with 13 in the first place.

if you have any puzzle race ideas, you're welcome to give them a whirl as well.  there aren't that many people left who play them, but I'm always interested.  I do want to make another myself, but the game refuses to believe that my ideas should be possible.  Maybe someday.
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I'm not sure I understand #11. Does 0 mean before any missiles are collected? If so, how can you skip missiles? If 0 just means with none in your supply, that seems trivial - it would just be a Kraid-last run.
It means the maximum amount of missiles you can carry when you defeat that boss. The "puzzle" itself wasn't too hard, the racers spent most of the time collecting 255 out of the 230 missiles in the game. :P
Can't think of any good ideas...maybe play the game with the controller upside down and with one hand?