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We've all hit the point where merely running through the game isn't enough, so we've developed challenge runs. They runs add difficulty, test your skill, and perhaps even break the game. Here is where I'd like your help, what other runs are there? Here is what I have so far:
No run button

I'm just looking for new runs to try, preferably not insane ones (RBO, low%, suitless kick my ass.) Any ideas?
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What'd you say?
I can solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded but I doubt I'd get far with Super Metroid. =P
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You could try a run where everything is collected as normal, but only grab the required three energy tanks.  It'd mean being careful, but without the extra difficulty of the low%.
Or try only allowing yourself one beam equipped at a time (along with charge).
Or an intended route run, with no sequence breaking at all.
You could also try and not kill any enemies unless required to clear a room, like the metroids and bosses.  Get dodging!
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Also, for the blindfold thing (kind of), see here. aiwebs_004
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3 E-tank run would be a nice segway into a low%. I'm not really sure of the "intended" route anymore lol. Ooh, I like the concept of not killing anything that isn't needed.

Wow, that blackout patch looks awesome, I'll have to get around to trying it. Currently I'm sticking with console/cart right now though. Thanks for the suggestions Quietus. Very Happy
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For the intended, it's only really the early stages that differ:

Morph, Missiles, Bombs, Charge, Supers, Hi-Jump, Spazer, Varia, Speed Booster, Ice Beam, Power Bombs, Crocomire, and Grapple.  It's then on to the Wrecked Ship as normal, though you may want to grab Wave on the way. aiwebs_004
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I'm about 1/4 done with a peaceful run, here is what I've learned: Super missile and Powerbomb conservation is major, ice beam is your best friend, and certain paths are unavailable (after obtaining PBs, you can't go back down red brinstar as using a powerbomb to open the door would kill the inhabitants of the room.
That Peaceful run sounds harder than you'd first think when you take stuff like that into account. Some areas have the enemies packed in so close to where you use PBs, such as the path leading towards Ridley in Lower Norfair, where you either are forced to kill them or have to drag them offscreen first before using it. Theoretically wouldn't a room like Plasma, which is an optional item, be out of the question since you don't really need to kill the pirates in there because it's not on the main path? And you might as well skip the Screw Attack unless your dodging skills are spectacular.

You know, that kind of run sounds like it could be really interesting to play the more I consider certain rooms and situations.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yep, and as you have already mentioned, it's capable of being tailored to suit.  You can essentially 100%, if you're going to allow killing of enemies to collect things, or you can get silly, and lure lots of enemies away, freeze them, and then get to what you need.
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I've been luring things out of my way, it takes awhile but it gives a nice sense of completion. I suppose I'll try an any% and not get items like plasma, and then return for a 100%. I was trying to shinespark across the missile lake but those damn flying bugs (I' horrible with monster names) just wont fall down that hole.

This run is quite fun, and frustrating at the same time. I'd say it's definitely worth trying though.
Quote from BioSpark:

Wasn't that done at one of the Games Done Quick marathons?
Where someone else was giving hints?
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That would be fun as well, sadly no one in my personal life even remotely knows the game, aside from my dad, but he hasn't played since like '98 and doesn't live near me.
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Peaceful run done:

Could have easily been done in an hour or so but I did a ton of backtracking and runs to the ship. I have a feeling that low 90's would be the highest percentage possible.
I had the idea of doing a weapons only run before but never gave it a try. You'd have to go through the whole game only using the items you collect. And to make it harder you could try and get as low a % as possible while only using items. I think that would be interesting because it would have a lot of ammo management. I don't think grapple should be allowed though, only for getting past obstacles. I may actually try this soon.
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Would that run allow refilling on random enemies? If so, that'd make it much easier.
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Fuck you Draygon! I can't seem to beat him on a 15% run...
I would think that refilling on enemies is fine. The real challenge would be the bosses. That would ultimately determine how low of a % you could get.

And I always get stuck on Ridley when I do a low percent run. I'd probably be easier if I went the ice beam route but I always choose speed booster instead. *shrugs*
If you're looking for a set of challenges, you might try the ones here:


They were created by various members of the SRL community and then raced. But you can take them at your own speed if you like. The difficulty ranges from not too hard to pretty hard. Number 13 is a beast.
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A lot of those look easy or miniscule, but I'm definitely going to try #13.
Wow, that one does sound interesting. But wouldn't that make some of the later bosses such as Draygon and Ridley really difficult? I've never done a true low% run of Super before, but not having Charge and/or the suits would be a nightmare for me.

Although you can get expansions from what I understand so it might not be as bad if you can kill them fast enough with missiles and such.
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What'd you say?
Ridley - get Varia just before.
Draygon - get Gravity just before.
Phantoon - get Speed boosted just before (to get over the missile lake.)
Crocomire - get wave beam just before.
Kraid - there is no rule that you must have 4 items for him so try to get him with just morphball and bombs.

Aside from that just get as many ammo and energy expansions as possible. I'm not sure what other items I should obtain or avoid prior to the bosses though.

For Draygon, you'd need gravity and speedbooster or gravity and ice beam to get to him.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Quote from Tyjet66:
For Draygon, you'd need gravity and speedbooster or gravity and ice beam to get to him.
Technically, Gravity isn't required to reach Draygon.
What'd you say?
This is true, but I value my sanity, lol.
Don't forget about hard mode on that one.

As far as the others go, I'd recommend 9, 11, and 14. 5 was also a good race, but it was more about coming up with a viable route before the others did, and if you found the fastest route. It would be a decent exercise to see if you can figure out the fastest route, but I don't think that necessarily requires playing it.