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shame about the unskippable cutscenes though
wonder when v.esper ps3 will arrive
do you like how "unskippable cutscenes" reminds me of that haha
wonder if i'll buy it ... signs are saying no
haha cute
it's because one of the things they supposedly added for the ps3 version is the ability to skip 100% of the cutscenes
oh wow
ironically we won't skip anything the first time through even if it lets us because we've heard almost nothing of the japanese voice work
lame thing is that the cutscenes are the best part of that game ... and they're not even very good
though we both hate flynn's voice ... lol
tamaki from ouran, light from death note, bunch of other annoying characters
oh didn't know he was tamaki
at least our favorite character's voice seems ok
probably wouldn't have bought it if it weren't
it's way way worse when he's flynn because the character is a douchebag to begin with
an emo douchebag
well most characters in that game are douchebags
yuri and rita are excellent
i guess ... i can't really think of any others i don't hate
wonder what i'll think of patti
she seems kind of cheap
i like estellise <3
ritadignation looks pretty awesome