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arkarian: 2017-03-05 05:18:06 pm
red chamber dream
who else is playing? since the game is so huge, for this topic let's try and avoid spoilers on story and major locations like towns and dungeons. i figure the mechanics and world alone will give us plenty to talk about until everyone's farther in.

i'm enjoying cooking quite a bit. it's cool how some food is a lot more effective than others, like an omelet with one spicy pepper and one egg give you 3 hearts and 4:00 cold resist, but an elixir using a butterfly wing only gives you 3:00 cold resist. i almost want to start a spreadsheet..
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ryu: 2017-03-06 02:34:18 am
You're the first one I hear liking the cooking. My other friends all dislike the mechanic, and that seems to tbe the general consensus on the net too.

My copy is on the way, I'll get to start laying around thursday.

Still don't have a high opinion of the game. The open-world feature never excited me much, even before I played Skyrim, and now I realize that it's a weird direction since Zelda has, as far as I'm concerned, always been an open-world franchise. By labeling it as such and taking inspiration from other games it seems like it could only get worse.

But I'll see. Seems like it's a very polarizing game anways. People appear to either hate it or love it.
Oh the tracking wasn't updated over the weekend. Zelda arrived today.
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Opium: 2017-03-06 11:48:58 am
I like the cooking too.  What I gather so far is that critters (bugs, frogs, etc) plus monster parts = elixirs, and everything else makes food.  There seem to be some wild card ingredients that I have yet to understand what they do. 

I was surprised when I read that some people don't like the game because I'm loving it so much, but then I stopped and thought on it for a moment.  There are a shit-ton of 'hardcore' zelda fans who seem to love Zelda by default because it's so easy.  They couldn't get into many other games because they suck.  Making the game more complicated or challenging is sure to alienate those people.  But they will be replaced by actual gamers so who cares.

I do feel like they borrowed a lot from other games as far as concepts go, and that's not very nintendo of them.  But maybe they've come full circle on the concept of doing the unexpected?  Or maybe they just have a new president. 

I do feel like the game is very polished, so I'm glad they waited to release it.  Previous games have flaws in them that would have been pointed out and corrected before release if they had time, and it seems like this game doesn't have any of those flaws.
I'm the first to dislike busywork and other generic open world elements, but BotW is good in spite of them

Pretty sure you can totally survive off what you find if you can't stand cooking for 5 seconds

Though as much as I'm enjoying it, if it turns out a couple years from now that it marked the death of traditional, tightly designed Zeldas, I might end up hating it in retrospect

I can devour standard Zelda games until the end of time, but BotW feels like I'm good after one of these, and other than a novelty "go for Ganon immediately" run, it doesn't feel very replayable
I feel like the series desperately needed to evolve in one way or another.

Amiibos.  We bought all of the ones that relate to BotW and they give you some great stuff every day. I tried my 6 zelda amiibos from other zelda games and they all give you great stuff too, but it seems like the BotW amiibos give you slightly better stuff.

The wolf link one just gives you a wolf link that helps you fight and find stuff.  I keep forgetting to use it when I face a tough enemy.  Some enemies I've had to walk away from, because they kill me with one hit while my strongest weapon does hardly a scratch.  I should try wolf link next time.
Yeah I've heard of Wolf Link pre-release and thought they wouldn't make a whole companion AI just for an Amiibo thing, so I've been trying to tame wolves with meat offerings, but no luck so far
I read an in-game hint that said if you get dogs to like you, then they will show you where things are.  I've run into a few domesticated dogs that take a liking to you if you stand close to them for a while, but they don't seem to do anything after that.

I'm encountering my first divine beast now.  Shocked
You can feed those dogs and after a couple they run off and show you where some buried chest is or similar, highly doubt you can tame those though
ugh so pissed.  For the first time in the game, I've had to cheat and look online for help.  I keep finding all of these videos that show what to do, but none of them make any mention of HOW the hell they are doing what they're doing.  I'm getting shitloads of spoilers while trying to find one source where they say how they're doing this.  I'm wondering if I'm not even supposed to be in this part of the game.  I still only have four hearts and there are plenty of creatures that do more than 4 hearts damage, so there's instant-kill at every turn in this part of the game.  Trying to decide if I should turn back.
You don't have to do any one thing so I just do something else when I'm stuck, not worth the spoilers
yeah. just go elsewhere and come back later
I stuck with it and just beat the first big boss.  Intense! 
There's still so much to do in the desert but I've been here for like 8 hours and I think I need a change of scenery.

Regarding the thing I couldn't figure out how to do: the game told me what I needed to do but I had forgotten about it a few minutes later. 
red chamber dream
opium whaa get more hearts, girl! that was the first upgrade i got, and plan to do a bunch of shrines before hitting my first dungeon. but that's what makes the game so neat, you're 20+ hours ahead of me, and we both have 4 hearts. love that.

i just reached the first village you get pointed to. i guess i don't feel a need to explore too much off the main path, but that's because i really want more hearts and stamina first.
I have 6 hearts now.  I'm defeating much more powerful enemies by making sure to use the right meals/elixirs, as well as the flurry attack.  Enemies with huge amounts of health can be taken out rather easily by tripling your attack power and pulling off repeated flurry attacks.  The sideways dodge seems to be much harder than the backflip, and I blame the camera. 

I'm at my second divine beast!
Considering the level of mobs and effort to get there, the
fire temple
was really short and simple compared to the other two I've done
I'm not even off the plateau yet, but so far I really like this game and it feels like my impression can only improve.

Guess I'm putting Persona onhold once again.
Freed my second divine beast last night.  I love this game.

I found this place where there's a cliff face on the opposite side of a canyon that has a bombable wall on it.  There's a breeze blowing towards it, so I stood on the opposite side of the canyon and attached bombs to octo-balloons and they floated over to the bombable wall and detonated, but it didn't blow up the wall.  I went through all of my balloons trying this to no avail.  GRRRR
The game has barely begun and I'm stuck lol

The two remaining shrines in the plateau are in cold regions. I got those berries that apparently have a cold resisting effect when cooked and eaten... by I can't cook yet.
Just need to find a fire with a pot over it
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ryu: 2017-03-08 02:59:12 pm
I've been looking for sucha  thing, but no look so far.

At least I now know it exists, thanks!
Did you find the old man's house?
^^ this.  You can also cook something up that has cold resistance. Carrying a lit torch or wooden weapon will also provide some cold resistance, but you're in trouble if it goes out.
Or I'm missing something. Is there something specific I need to do at such a fire? I've found one... again, and all it lets me do is kill some time.