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Gunert: 2014-07-23 11:29:49 am
west furnace access why
Finally made an account for here. Anyway, PB 1:05. 14%. SS. http://www.twitch.tv/gunert/b/546136080
My Japanese copy came in, so I decided to do a run. 1:03 any% ss
I got 1:13 in my 100% complete map with 4th time.

In 1st try I just traveled for best ways on map navigation in which I could attempt for next tries, 1:22. The 2nd try was not better, I made bad mistake 100% complete map's, 1:17. 3rd, not really expecialy, and 4th. I'd complete this category of 100% better and better. There wasn't much map to find than normally 100%, and I really do not know where I lost so much time into walking around maps

new any% rta pb of 1:17:06. compared to my old one, this one has 6 extra eyedoor shots, which is nice, plus 4 round yakuza. hopefully that makes it easier to improve.
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PhazonKnight: 2014-09-20 06:25:55 pm
0 5 4 on a derust run after a week and a half of not playing. Cause wynaut.

Insanity is normal
1:21  100%