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My name is 4N6/Forensics.
WOW!!! What a week for Super Metroid. Congratulations to both Behemoth and Zosty!!!
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
And without me chanting 'your destiny' too. Razz
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Felt like posting this here so it might be useful to anyone interested. Attached is the any% theory TAS run of the latest RTA route (performed by Reeve). This one tackles early Wrecked Ship first and is generally (at first) a harder route than the traditional any% route that followed the intended boss order. This TAS run involves using savestates during door transitions 99% of time, to do each room as clean as possible like any top player would, and other savestates during boss fights or past certain events merely for commodity reasons and to speed up the process of doing the run.

As I previously said, it uses the "new" RTA route which was discussed and suggested by Maur, Kejardon, and the rest of the posters around 2005 in this thread, and later done by Saturn with a .smv provided in this post back in 2009.

Finishing time of the theory TAS is 40 mins and 1 sec RTA by SRL rules (ntsc). Game time was 26 mins.

I know this is old news after Behemoth's release of the sub 44 min run, but just wanted to edit the older version of this post just to clarify anything in regards to the route and some of the tips regarding most of the moves which most are no longer used anyway. Finally cool to see this route become a reality for console.
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100% 1:59
any% 1:10
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MASTER-88: 2018-12-01 06:34:40 am
Well its time to comeback again. My previous Super Metroid any-% record is nearly 11 year old, i did it from december 2007. I finally make improve it 2 more ingame minutes.
My new personal any-% records Super Metroid PAL version

41 ingame time in 10 segments used. I might try redo my Ridley and Mother Brain segment. If i can lower one more minutes. Its might be hard because this run is very high 41 minutes. At leasta 41:50 or more higher. This is also my first recorded run ever.
0:40 IGT European version.

Estimate 0:40:55 or 0.40.59. So my run is done. I cannot go sub 40 without starting new run and new game
I improve last two segments

Its might time to try single segments runs in future. My best single segment time is 0:44 IGT and thats very old one.
Okay. Its time to make single segments runs. I got 43 minutes IGT (RTA 1:04:32) European version. Pretty good run expect Phantoon was horrible ugly, but still 3 rounds. But probably worst luck ever. So 42 minutes its might not are trouble with decent Phantoon fight. But overall this run look like pretty good and i beat my old PB run.

Edu207's PAL any% WR run has a total IGT of 00:35 ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/216409690 ), so there's still a long way to go.
Quote from Aran;Jaeger:
Edu207's PAL any% WR run has a total IGT of 00:35 ( https://www.twitch.tv/videos/216409690 ), so there's still a long way to go.

Behemoth did several years ago 32 IGT PAL. Its seems slower RTA than Edu time. I think PAL version could be even sub 30 IGT, but nobody one seriously run it anymore. I think i personally can aim 38 minutes IGT if i put some serious training and patience. But i am extremely inconsistent make all those tricks. Thats my skills level suck compared WR runners. So i´ll just try keep try work my own records down.

100% SS PAL version 1:05 IGT (1:42:10 RTA) Its my new personal record. I tied my very old 100% segmented run and beat old SS runs with several minutes. I got 1:08 SS couple times before i did this 1:05. Somereason this run was a lot faster, even i did play very rough looking first 40 minutes. Boss fights seems well enought and some good end game make this run fast like this. Thats look i could aim 1:03 or even lower. Sub hour might be good goal, but i think its will requires use some savepoints. But im not are motivated enought start new serious segmented run rightnow.
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MASTER-88: 2018-12-20 07:01:34 am
100% Single segment EU version 1:04 IGT and 1:41:49 RTA.

-Little bit improve over previous one.
-Once again i did bad looking parts after crocomire and ugly looking wrecked ship. Phantoon was pretty good one 4 rounded.
-I mostly work try lower my ingame time and doesn´t care real time so much.
-This run finally beat my nearly 11 years old segmented run which ended 1:05. That was pretty cool i did beat its without using savepoints.
-I think with my skill levels its might be really nice go for 1:02 or 1:03 IGT in future runs.
-Probably might work 100% segmented run somedays and look how fast i can really go. Sub hour IGT might be really nice one.

Any-% single segment EU version 00:42 (1:02:32 RTA)

-That was pretty hard one go under 43 IGT. I did 43 minutes at least 6 times before i going 42 minutes.
-2 Minutes faster RTA. Just less items than previous runs
-Decent Phantoon, but not great.
-Horrible Botwoon cost 20 seconds
-Draygon like play with me and its cost some time.
-Lava room on Ridley lair was crap ass. I accidentally miss single spacejump and then everythings went wrong. Cost 20 seconds.

Still only less than 2 IGT minutes slower than my segmented run. And lot mistakes were there.