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Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Nice to see you're back at it, Behemoth.  Shall I begin my mantra now or later? aiwebs_004
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Also, what is the current record?  Is it now this?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Hehe, my heart was in my mouth for a second on the Zebetites. Shocked
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
The biggest errors I recall were the Kraid entry (after the brilliant 3-super start, and the start of the Ridley fight.
Guess most of the time lost was on the missed Shinespark on Gravity Statue and MB's room. Some bad luck for not having enough health for a full shinespark after Draygon too. Great run for sure!
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Behemoth: 2013-07-26 07:25:41 pm
It's kind of weird for me in that i've done slower runs which almost look better (boss fights were just slower). I think it's testament to not resetting when things go wrong at the start, and the run can pick itself up along the way when you least expect it. I will try to improve it though.
Excellent job Behemoth, congratulations! This run is loaded with many room strategies that I dont think any of us have seen until now.  Your strat for climbing the red brinstar shaft in particular is really impressive.  Your mother brain phase 1 strat looks to be very optimized as well!  I have to ask, do you still play without Angle Down mapped on your controls?
Glad to see people still play.
I need to get with it, my best "in-game" time is like 50 mins.
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lxx4xNx6xxl: 2013-07-27 05:17:35 am
lxx4xNx6xxl: 2013-07-27 02:07:24 am
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
Congrats again Behemoth!!!

The Red Brinstar climb is my strat as well as Phantoon, the Sand area space jump and the new Plasma Hunter power bomb strat. I also shared Snuffit's Double Beam strat thanks to Saturn on Ridley with him in our private thread.
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Behemoth: 2013-07-27 06:39:02 am
Behemoth: 2013-07-27 06:25:48 am
Behemoth: 2013-07-27 05:57:53 am
Cheers guys!. Yeah I got most of your strats in place in this run thankfully. I love the red brinstar climb strat too. It's amazing to think we all used to write it off as a TAS trick until you started practicing it and getting consistent, then i had a go and realized it was consistent too. I'd be lying if i said i hadn't reset from a bad fall trying to do it though.

For anybody that missed it the first time the phantoon strat involves releasing the wave combo, but as the particles come in, switch like a madman to missiles and get a shot in while the particles are still hitting him. This enables you to finish him off in round two with ammo, no need for a second wave combo, which usually meant collecting another PB drop from the green grub in red brinstar. Took a bit of practice but i prefer it over double wave combo any day.

I missed the third beam shot on ridley which was a shame because i think i got the first shot from up high correctly.

TheMudShark - mother brain actually behaved very odd on phase one, almost exclusively firing blue circles, except one grenade at the end. Even weirder was the fact she didn't fire her strong red beam before the rainbow beam. and yes controls are the same for me, no angle down.
Almost happy
Very crazy stuff. I never thought 00:29 would be possible on console.
coral to complement blue
I always thought that when it happened, it would be the biggest event in speed running history. But everyone is acting so casual!
Behemoth - I was actually referring to the phase before that, I consider "phase one" to be the phase before Mother Brain rises from the ground.  The way you entered the last zebetite from the upper opening in order to manipulate the rinka spawns seemed to be quite beneficial for lag reduction.  But yeah I also noticed that she gave you multiple blue ring attacks, which actually seem to create less lag frames than her other attacks, so looks like you had a bit of good luck there.
Yeah i thought you might have meant that. I been doing that top hole approach for a long time now, and yes it tends to gather the rinka into a centralized spot. Killing them and not just freezing them reduces lag further and definately helps the real time a bit.
Quote from 072:
I always thought that when it happened, it would be the biggest event in speed running history. But everyone is acting so casual!

Guess most of us were expecting this eventually since Garrison's :30. I'm excited for this to finally happen. There are sure many nifty little things Behemoth, good job on those. Also, glad you aren't resetting too often, too; this run reflects exactly your last post in May and it's sure a confident one. Oh, and I almost jumped out of my seat at the red Ki-hunters part, you were so close to dying there!
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Behemoth: 2013-08-05 07:12:19 pm
thanks man !

Yeah that hunter part gets like that sometimes if Ridley wasn't very favourable with health drops, or if i take a stupid hit from those giant blue hoppers. I took a sigh of relief when i got out ok.

Yes I actually had a pretty sloppy start to this run. The first fall down the hole in hunter shaft i messed up, noob mistake lol, and the old MB room first visit i fell there too. Not to mention Torizo not giving me the proper drops which happens occasionally. Judging by my realtime on the dvd recorder i can get to kraid between 9:25 and 9:33 pretty much every single attempt even if i screw up crap like that at the beginning. So it became even more logical to not reset here and of course giving me the psychological peace of mind just keep playing and see what the rest of the run had in store for me.

I have these like personal checkpoint times throughout the run that mark my progress. Other than the Kraid one I have:

Phantoon Eyed door entry: 17:40 - 17:50 is good, any higher or 18:xx is sub par.

Gravity suit collection: 21:00 - 21:10 is good. (I got 20:55 on this run)

Draygon Eyed door entry: 24:00 - 24:30 is looking like a great run at this point, any higher is not bad but 25:xx is a pretty shitty run...

Boss statue room door: 38:00 - 38:30 is a great run but anything under 38:05 is probably on the course for a 29.

It is of course possible to get quite a bit lower times on all these points but they happen rarely, for me at least. They are those amazing runs that always go down the pan later on. So at the moment the times listed are the threshold times that i meet 90% of the time i run the game.
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Smokey: 2013-08-06 12:46:35 am
Smokey: 2013-08-06 12:46:08 am
Smokey: 2013-08-06 12:43:37 am
And yet all of them weren't substantial toward the end product. It's really amazing how the run can pick itself up throughout the run, regardless of the start. Guess a new strat now is to mess up a bit the beginning to secure a good run? Very Happy. What's really important of mistakes (while also achieving a time like this) is that you already know which tricks aren't even necessary to do (for example: missed shinespark to Gravity suit). Of course they're necessary, but this gives you a huge positive psychological boost whether you get it the next time or not. Still, this is a huge milestone in any% runs now. A good question is, what could be the correct in-game time for your run? Of course a wild easy-guess is a very high :29 (considering zoast's 45:46).
Despite all this I'd like to do a run where i make very few or no big-ish mistakes, securing a real time of around 45:05 or sub 45 would be wonderful.

Kottpower actually beat zoast with a 45:36. It's a fantastic run and his real time is literally tied with me all the way to the boss statue or just a few seconds behind. But i believe his in game time to be about 10 seconds away from 29. So yeah around 45:25 should be 29:59 or something as a calculated guess, as I'm sure (by a sheer gut feeling I will say) that when i messed the zebitite room, the 29 slipped away, but Mother brain behaving so well and the perfect escape brought 29 back into the picture.
My name is 4N6/Forensics.
I will be the first to achieve a 28.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
And lo, he layeth the gauntlet down. aiwebs_004
i don't think i actually congratulated you yet, behemoth.  so: grats :)

It's been a long time coming but here is my new PB !!!

All information on this is in the video description. I'd like to thank Smokey, Reeve and Forensic for the continued support over many months it took to achieve this goal, couldn't have done it without you guys, cheers !. and for Zoast for setting the bar so ridiculously high on any%. That 28 was well earned, congrats !
Nice! I was hoping to eventually see you make another big comeback like you did a year ago. Wasn't expecting it to be quite like this, though... huge congrats!

Haven't watched it just yet (downloading currently), but based on your youtube commentary, it sounds like a pretty crazy route. Should be a great watch.
Almost happy
I've been waiting for this run for a while :P Gonna watch it as soon as I get home. Crazy times for Super Metroid. Zoast getting a 00:28 which is insane and Behemoth crushing the 44:00 barrier with a crazy difficult route.