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this is the only metroid game i have never played before along with Pinball. so im wondering are there any beam weapons in this?
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red chamber dream
yes, there are.
...what kind?
Similar to the others, but with fancy pants names and ammo. Check wikitroid for specifics, or play the game.
Go ahead. Stare.
I think Hunters has the best non-combo beams of all Metroid games. You have-

Power: Like, duh.
Battle Hammer: The weakest beam of them all. It travels in an arc so it has limited range. It does have a kinetic impact which gives it a large blast radius at point of impact. This beam cannot be charged
Volt Driver: The obligatory electric beam. It has a fast rate of fire, and is more powerful than the Power Beam which makes it one of my favorite to use. It can be charged, and the charge shot homes in on enemies and makes your visor go haywire if hit. Charge shot is very slow though.
Shock Coil: It is sort of like Grapple Beam, it has a limited range and isn't the most powerful if you can't keep it attached to enemy. It is one of the most useful in that it refils your energy with the drained energy from the enemy, and it drains much faster the longer it is kept on the enemy.
Magmal: Same trajectory as Battle Hammer, but it explodes and is more powerful. This one can be charged and it burns victim for a few seconds after being hit. Quite useful if used right.
Judicator: The "ice" weapon. It bounces off of walls and is quite powerful. My personal favorite. If charged, depending on what character you are, it will shoot three beams or freeze the enemy.
Imperialist: The most powerful weapon. Very slow firing rate, but comes with a scope and makes excellent sniper beam. It can KO opponent in one shot if headshot by it.

That is the basic rundown, but seriously, get it and find out for yourself!
Disguzting homosapienz!...
... I dont think they can be considered beams, theyre just weapons.
Except the judicator which considering it is made of supercooled plasma, would therefore kind of make it a combination of plasma and ice beam.
Bangaa Bishop
Seriously, what does it matter if they have "beam" in the name or not?

Even the power beam doesn't really fit my idea of what  "beam" is.
SKB you're asking for spoilers?!  I would want to know as little as possible beforehand, but that's just me. 

PS- I'm totally jealous of the fact that you get to sit down and play metroid game that you haven't played before. 
Why, do you have to stand up to play a new game?
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I'm sure Opium has said in the past: she floats around the room a lot. Razz
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As a bit of clarification, the shock coil only drains energy when used by Sylux in multiplayer mode.