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Club 27 Goals
He's been off facebook for ages and haven't ran into his dad/mom at taco bell for weeks now
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i think you'd know how to contact him better than anyone here
One shall stand, one shall ball.
uh oh looks like ur baby daddy bolted!
red chamber dream
don't you know him irl? maybe text him?
Club 27 Goals
yeah I know him irl but he goes to college kinda far right now :( and he doesn't text ftl
Club 27 Goals
he owes a bunch of child support
red chamber dream
maybe you can find an email address somewhere

lol email
What'd you say?
Quote from arkarian:
lol email

Wait, that's still a thing?
I just clicked the thread title expecting some stranger wanting to talk to him about speedrunning stuff and envy being of help to said stranger... lol
Club 27 Goals

mystery solved, case closed, we can all go home now
Haha, alright. Otherwise I would have suggested to just go to his parents house and ask them there if you know where they live