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This run would involve a natural route i/e fight the 4 main bosses and no xray-glitching in real time of course while skipping as much as humanly possible and doing items in whichever order you see fit. Basically my question is does this type of run exist? if so what is the time please id like a goal.
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Behemoth: 2014-01-30 06:52:48 pm
So i completely missed this thread...

It depends what you define as natural route. I'm guessing you mean the intended route laid out by the developers. Which really is basically no mock ball to get early supers (possibly a developers intentionally included secret), and no zebitite skip, ie picking up enough missiles in the run to destroy them all. Oh and would you include grapple beam to go across the lake heading toward wrecked ship ?

It just sounds to me like the any% you described is basically what already exists Think
I don't run super metroid, but... doesn't the general any% route almost follow the "intended" route anyways? sans what behemoth already mentioned?
that seems like kind of silly category definition, low% except for items that require gameplay outside the subjective "intended" method to achieve.
Behemoth, I think his intent was to fight the bosses in the orders the developers intended (spore spawn included?) but still skipping rooms, upgrades, etc.

So Machball Supers, and rexbit skips would totally be within the bounds of the run.
Minus spore spawn, that is exactly any% in it's current form. We fight the bosses in the intended order too: Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon, Ridley :
What'd you say?
I really wish that oh soo hawt would come back and explain what he/she/it mean(s/t) by "natural".
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kirbymastah: 2014-02-07 11:10:20 am
Quote from Tyjet66:
I really wish that oh soo hawt would come back and explain what he/she/it mean(s/t) by "natural".

Well it is the same guy who said he would all all the OoB tricks in mp3 and do serious full runs of it, including low%
What'd you say?
I've only played a few hours of MP3, but seriously? Yeah, I wont hold my breath then.