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uNsane: 2007-11-22 10:46:25 am
Click to download the patch <-- most likely abandoned
Click to download Metroid uNsanity, a surprisingly challenging hack modifying very little. Now in beta 1.0!

Another ZeroFission minihack of MZM. I've never done one before, and I only even got ZF a few days ago, so please excuse its shoddyness. I currently only have Brinstar done, but at least it's mostly finished and presentable.

I highly recommend getting good at diagonal bomb jumping and single wall jumping before attempting this, and jump extending may come in handy in the fourth room.

I have tested the hack, and it is completely doable. Some rooms, I actually made easier, too. But, for the most part, it's harder, especially the room with the weird purple sack things with the flies around it. That room is murder. So is getting the Long Beam, which I highly recommend doing anyways.

I also need feedback - I don't really know much of what to improve on this. I would like to make it difficult for most people, but at the same time, not impossible for people at or around my own level (which is comparatively low; my fastest run on MF is 1:49-ish).

Have fun!

Edit: Here are some screenshots...

Huh. This could present a bit of a dilemma.
Invisible blocks. Joy.
Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!
You have no idea how hard it can be to get here.
Missiles? That room isn't accessible without bombs, though... Right?
This is the most devious thing in this hack.
Charge Worm with some added pressure in the form of acid.
No platforms?! Gah!
Very difficult IBJ.
Adds a new difficulty to Early Varia.
Diagonal bomb jump, anyone?
Current end of the hack.
Thread title: 
uhh I'm kinda stuck at the first part, I cant get the item to the left, not go to the right, and if I walljump all the way to the top the screen doesn't scroll... help?
Try shooting the floor. A lot. You'll find the Morph Ball eventually.

For more specific directions:
Shoot straight down twice where you are standing when you first come in. It's inside the bomb booster that sends you up to Crateria, but I replaced the center bomb chain block and the Power Bomb block with shootables.

Edit: While I'm thinking about it, if you don't already have missiles or bombs, do NOT try to get down to the room with the Charge Worm. You will be permanently stuck.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
You can't post .GBA files. You have to post an .IPS file and then make the downloaders patch it to their Zero Mission ROM

Here's the .IPS patch for convenience
Thanks... Where can I learn how to make .ips files?

Also, I'm going to start fixing some bad GFX and traps now for the next version. I won't start on Norfair or anything until I get some feedback, though.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Download Lunar IPS. Open it. Click "Create Patch". Select your original unmodified ROM. Then select your hacked ROM. Then you have yourself an IPS patch
Green-Kirby, ROAR!
Screens please. I rather not download things I do not want
The screens and the (hopefully) fixed version are out.