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54747908563: 2009-08-24 08:32:07 am
I need help with action replay codes.
if your game code and game ID is these same and you have working codes please send thoes codes to me
Game code: AMHP
Game ID: E67BB94B
You can check these from action replay code manager
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Wouldn't nearly every game have a different ID?
Not in this case. Every single game has its own ID, dependent upon region. For example, all of the US copies of Metroid Prime: Hunters would have the exact same ID, but when compared to, say, a European or Japanese version of the exact same game, you'd find that they'd differ greatly (but all of the European copies would have the same ID. Same with the Japanese copies.) Same with the game code, but the game code is only dependent on region. More on that in a second.

Now, if you, say, happened to take an NDS card, dump the rom to your computer, and make a few changes to the rom itself, boom - it has a brand new Game ID. If a game company says, "Hey, there are a ton of game-breaking bugs, let's fix them all and make a new release," then boom, those game cards will have a brand new Game ID.

My best guess is that Game ID is much like an MD5 checksum to any other file you'd have on the computer - a hash reference you can compare between files to make sure they are the exact same thing. If you've got a different hash reference, your file is different in some manner; there's no easy way to tell how.
Just riffled through my database, and it seems you've got the European v1.1 version. Wow, I can't believe they shanked the European gamers for codes for their 1.1 version -_-

Attached is an .xml of MPH(E) v1.1 codes straight from GBATemp's Massive Code Database.
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54747908563: 2009-08-24 08:50:16 am
For now i have some news! I founded few working codes on metroid prime hunters (AMHP-E67BB94B version)

Shiny hunter (story and wi-fi)
02048400 d0002a00
02048404 e0052321
02048408 d0002a00
02048412 e0052321
02048416 d0002a00
02048418 e0052321
02048422 d0002a00
02048426 e0052321
02048428 d0002a00
02048432 e0052321
02048436 d0002a00
02048440 e0052321
02048444 d0002a00
02048448 e0052321
02048452 d0002a00
02048456 e0052321
02048460 d0002a00
02048464 e0052321
02048468 d0002a00
02048472 e0052321
02048476 d0002a00
02048480 e0052321
02048484 d0002a00
02048488 e0052321
02048492 d0002a00
02048496 e0052321
02048499 d0002a00

Hold R + L + UP = rapid fire for all (story and wi-fi)
Battlehammer (half turret too), Power beam and Imperialist: Works (hold)
Shock coil and volt driver: no effect
Judicator, Magmaul and Missile: works (shoots as fast as you can fire)
94000130 000000bf
220db466 000000ff
220db468 000000ff
220dc396 000000ff
220dc398 000000ff
220dd2c6 000000ff
220dd2c8 000000ff
220de1f6 000000ff
220de1f8 000000ff
d2000000 00000000

select = Return to gunship (sometimes makes you fall in black area and freezes the game) (story mode)
94000130 000003fb
120db06e 000004b0
d0000000 00000000
920ded6e 00000100
120db070 000004b0
d2000000 00000000

i'll try to find some more codes

And Zhs2. that .xml file is good :P
are there any more codes for this ar game because none of mine work and i have this game id
Bangaa Bishop
european 1.1 version? are there any known, visible differences between any versions?
Yeah. But some are hard to find differences. Like, there could be a hidden glitch on version 1.0, and on 1.1, it would be patched. It could be possibly anything. Especially how some coding is worked to make the game unique in it's own way. I learned this through N64 cheat code converting. So far it's coming in handy. :)
Bangaa Bishop
well I mean something like are there any well-known speed tricks (some of which we have described on the hunters section of this site) which do not work on this other version, like how some breaks and tricks were specifically blocked on later versions of Prime?
Actually yes. As I see it, the NA version of the game MP had the best and most convenient speed tricks available to use. Take for example the 'Floaty Jump'. You could keep it even after 20 rooms when you leave Flaagrha's room with it on. Same for Magmoor Caverns. Though in the later versions(take for example Players Choice), when it loads the next room away from Flaagrha's room, you lose FJ. Same for the Scan Dash(I was terribly sad about. did everything the longer way. used enemies, lol).

There probably isn't much done to the speed runs, speed tricks at all in any way between the two versions. Not to my knowledge anyway. I haven't played MPH all that mush anyways, so I don't know the full extent of the game. I just beat it once, then done. No more cause the graphics were really strange to me for the DS. So I'm positive there isn't much of a difference in speed tricks of any type.
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Tahngarthor: 2011-01-18 01:12:29 pm
Bangaa Bishop
Uh, this is hunters we're talking about. Not prime. I know there's loads of version differences in the GCN/Wii games.
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SANOJSIEMANYM: 2011-01-18 06:14:59 pm
I was setting a quick example, but so far, I don't know of any visual differences between DS versions because my DS gave out with the internal battery connection.

And now I can't play any DS games anymore