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How should boards get marked read?
Keep it how it is right now (if you click on a board, it's marked read, even if there are threads inside still marked unread). (11)
Change it so boards are not marked read until every thread inside is also marked read. (6)
there seems to have been some confusion about this so i'm curious what people think. thanks.
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Came to my senses.

The first one, plz.
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ryu: 2010-05-21 02:23:54 pm
Isn't (2) how it is right now? I am indeed confused.

I voted (2) for the time being.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I'd go with two, as it seems the most logical.  If there are unread threads, then it should be in the unread section.
to clarify, this poll is only about this icon:

Quote from Quietus:
I'd go with two, as it seems the most logical.  If there are unread threads, then it should be in the unread section.

That's what I thought, but if you've gone into a board, read through the threads you're interested in and disregarded the ones you aren't, wouldn't it be better to not have the 'read me!' icon there?
red chamber dream
in that case you can just click the mark all read button in the board.
good point.
Disable on a board level (whole forum section).
If you're interested in a topic you go into that topic specifically and say "mark unread on new posts"
Upon a new topic's creation mark it "unread on new posts"
Include a "Ignore completely" function on the same level as disabling by board level. (for instance I don't go to the random discussion, so I'd like to ignore that completely.
red chamber dream
Quote from sabata2:
Include a "Ignore completely" function on the same level as disabling by board level. (for instance I don't go to the random discussion, so I'd like to ignore that completely.

if i understand you correctly, this feature is already in. you can ignore a thread or board by clicking the triangle icon beside it and checking the box "Don't mark new posts in this topic/board as unread".
I think you have to go in and read the latest post in that topic once you click that for it to not show up on your list anymore though. I've ignored a few topics now and there have been times where they kept showing up on my list until I did that.

I generally don't browse the individual boards anymore and rely strictly on the "Unread" page at this point though, so this one doesn't apply to me as much.
red chamber dream
heh yeah i never look at the index, go into a board, or even load the unread page. i just click "in tabs" to open all unread threads in tabs whenever i feel like reading the forum.
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Gaius_4: 2010-05-21 06:01:32 pm
I picked the 1st one.  If it were like 2 then they'd probably always be green -eh, for me.Embarassed

Neat poll.  You can change your choice.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I kinda like the way it is now, I don't click on threads I don't care about so the board pretending I read it is nice since I don't always remember to click the button to mark everything as read. Though I use the unread page more than the board index.
red chamber dream
it seems like the board icon should be accurate no matter how the user chooses to use the forum. what the board icon means is "there are threads with unread posts in this board" ... right? just going into a board without opening the unread threads shouldn't make the board icon gray because some users might not want or expect that. if you want to mark a board read, go into it and click mark all read.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
As long as the threads themselves remain marked as unread, it shouldn't really matter. More so with taiga since it has that convenient link at the top. The board marker can draw attention to the unread threads in that board but once you've visited that board I assume you've seen what it wanted you to see and the unread icon has served its purpose, if you feel that you've missed something you can go back and check.
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Poision Envy: 2010-05-21 11:40:48 pm
Club 27 Goals
I never leave the unread section page (top right corner), unless I'm clicking to go directly into a thread from there.

I do agree with Tbob though. It makes sense to mark that section read, because you saw everything in it the first time (hard to explain when there's 5 other people in my room).
red chamber dream
but that's not always true though. someone might load the boardwalk, read some topics, then close the browser before they're done reading the boardwalk and go do something else.
Club 27 Goals
As long as the threads stay marked unread, then they'll know if they missed any.

Honestly though both ways sound good, and it could even be changed in the appearance settings.
red chamber dream
heh ... i don't think that will be possible due to how the system needs to be written.
it's not impossible but even if i do it i still need to find out which way people want to be default thus this poll.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I still say it makes more sense to always have that icon, as long as there's at least one thread unread.  The bug I had was those icons appearing, but nothing being displayed in the unread section.
oh ok, finally just understood what that was. yeah right now if you click on all threads inside a board but don't click on the board itself (from the index page) then the board is still probably marked unread. so at the very least it seems like i need to fix that and it turns out that the fix for that would be the same functionality as marking a board unread *only* if every thread inside is marked read.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Nah.  There were actually unread posts in the topic, but it just wasn't showing up in the unread.  That's why I flagged it, as it was just weird. Think
how did you know they were unread?