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Dood Trigger™
Sequence breaking literally saved Echoes for me. The game just flows so much better when you get to skip most of the first third where all you do is learn the new mechanics and collect stuff you're already used to.

So thank you guys <3
red chamber dream
yeah that's true for me too but only in watching runs

the tricks are way too hard for me heh
red chamber dream
i would like to stress that i really, really love watching echoes speed runs ... i'm just talking about "vanilla" playthroughs here
red chamber dream
echoes is a fucking great game for speed running
Dood Trigger™
True. I'm no good at speedrunning but I can do the main tricks at least... item loss skip and that one early power bomb just make the game so much more fun.
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arkarian: 2015-06-25 10:12:29 pm
red chamber dream
about the most advanced i got was when i practiced and could do hbjs and ubjs really well in prime ... that was for my no space jump playthrough
red chamber dream
the last time i played prime come to think of it. been meaning to play the wii u version
Anywhere, everywhere
Just in time to be the first person to get SJF on console!!
I like turtles.
Quote from Parax:
Quote from Turtle:
I've really never felt the need for another one.  Like, the story of Prime was about Phazon.  But that story is over now, let's do other things.

I've never understood people who say this. The storyline is finished, so that means the gameplay (which is completely separate from the story) is no good anymore? We can't have any more first-person 3D Metroid just because Samus destroyed Phaaze? That makes no sense.

I don't think the gameplay is "no good," but I do think it ran its course and it was already getting kind of old by the time Corruption rolled around (which I don't think can be blamed entirely on the woefully unbalanced Hypermode mechanics).  Of the last five good (main installment) Metroid games, three were the Prime trilogy, and one was a remake.  A game more akin to Super in terms of the increase of scope, the narrative delivery, and the advancement of the franchise is more deserving of the effort at this point.  If that means another first-person game, sure.  If that means 3D rather than sidescrolling, why not.  But branding it as "Prime" would tie it down with a lot of nostalgic expectations and obligations.
Anywhere, everywhere
Quote from arkarian:
also rekameohs i think your opinions are comical

haha you fucking retard

Whoa, hey!! No need for hostility.  This is the Federation Force thread, this is all fun in here!

Of course you can have your own opinion. I'm just saying I liked how you were phrasing your earlier comments to keep your message going...!
red chamber dream
oh i thought you were defending the sequels lol
Anywhere, everywhere
Hell yeah I'll defend the sequels, son.
red chamber dream
i really want to like echoes but i just can't get past its numerous issues of quality lol
I love the whole trilogy.  Echoes is my fav, followed closely by Prime, with Corruption coming in last.  It took me a year to like Echoes. I hated it at first, mostly because I sucked at it.  Once I memorized both maps, and realized that the game is setup to constantly give you the ammo you need when you need it, I loved it.  I need to play corruption more.  I love prime but it's so played out at this point for me. 
Club 27 Goals
I thought prime hunters as an arena multilayer shooter was actually really fun. The single player wasn't horrible either
red chamber dream
i liked hunters single player too
I like how many silly sequence breaks you can do in Hunters just by leaving and going to other planets at points the developers didn't expect you to
I couldn't see well enough in hunters to be any good at it.  It all looked like a pixelated mess. 
that's why i wish they would've stuck to making 2d metroids for the handhelds. like metroid dread or whatever was supposed to be.
red chamber dream
192p ftw