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I like turtles.
I've really never felt the need for another one.  Like, the story of Prime was about Phazon.  But that story is over now, let's do other things.  Though I bet a lot of folks clamoring for Prime 4 are people whose only or first experience with the whole franchise was Prime.
red chamber dream
i've felt the need for another one since finishing metroid prime. there still hasn't been a successful followup as far as i'm concerned.
Quote from Turtle:
I've really never felt the need for another one.  Like, the story of Prime was about Phazon.  But that story is over now, let's do other things.

I've never understood people who say this. The storyline is finished, so that means the gameplay (which is completely separate from the story) is no good anymore? We can't have any more first-person 3D Metroid just because Samus destroyed Phaaze? That makes no sense.
red chamber dream
i don't get it either ... it's not like the story in prime was ever any good anyway, except in the first game
Nintendo obviously doesn't think the Prime name has anything to do with Phazon either. Otherwise Hunters and Federaton Force wouldn't have it in their titles.
Anywhere, everywhere
Your fellating over everything - even the minutia - of the first game and dismissal of the others is comical, arkarian. Keep it up!
red chamber dream
it's just my opinion, you don't have to agree lol

prime is my favorite game of all time, and i think echoes and corruption were both garbage in comparison ... deal with it lol
Prime was definitely the strongest overall IMO but it wasn't the best in every aspect. Art design was a lot stronger in 2 - the art assets are higher quality as well.
red chamber dream
i ... vehemently disagree
red chamber dream
half of echoes was ugly as all fuck
red chamber dream
the quality of the assets was better though, sure
red chamber dream
also rekameohs i think your opinions are comical

haha you fucking retard
assuming you mean Dark Aether, yeah I'm not super into Dark Aether lol. I'm mostly talking about the light world.
red chamber dream
i forgot about the dark world, actually - i just meant the light world. torvus sucked (ugly as FUCK), the main overworld area was essentially a poor rehash of chozo ruins ...

the only area i liked in echoes was sanc fortress
red chamber dream
and even that had some completely bizarre color choices - it kind of worked though
red chamber dream
ah yeah, agon wastes, that's the name
I just kinda think they did a better job of portraying an "alien" world in MP2. As much as I like MP1's environments, half of them aren't very original... forest world, ice world, lava world. Impact Crater is pretty nice though. Where I think Echoes really did better was in a lot of the interior/artifical environments, like the pirate base in Agon or.. well, all of Sanctuary. For artificial environments MP1 used a lot of gray boxy areas, while MP2 had a lot more interesting shapes and colors. I feel like the creature design in MP2 is overall improved compared to MP1 as well.

I've also spent a ton of time looking at the assets and MP2's are noticeably higher quality overall so that's probably affecting my opinion.
red chamber dream
since when does original = good though? prime took a lot of classic gameplay settings and made something great out of them. in echoes it was as if they thought they needed to put samus in all these weird places but didn't consider the fact that they don't make any sense or look good
red chamber dream
i agree the interiors in echoes were better though - shit like the pirate labs in prime was kind of boring
red chamber dream
creature design being better is laughable though - half the enemies in echoes are recycled from prime with different names >___________>
red chamber dream
and like, they couldn't even think up good names for the bosses

[item] guardian? what the fuck?
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arkarian: 2015-06-25 09:32:52 pm
red chamber dream
echoes just felt so rushed man

(because it was)
I'm obviously not talking about those, lol. Chykka, Amorbis, Quadraxis/quads, Ingsmasher, Splinter, the Ing, etc. Echoes has a lot of completely original enemies.

Also I never said that the Prime environments weren't good, I just feel like they maybe weren't as creative as the ones from Echoes
red chamber dream
it wasn't obvious to me. when i think of echoes enemies, i think of the recycled enemies from prime. i barely remember the bosses you mentioned
I get the feeling you haven't played Echoes since 2004 then.