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I like turtles.
Wasn't Reggie also the guy who insisted up and down that there was obviously something about Other M besides the story that caused its poor reception?
red chamber dream
keep in mind nintendo might not always say what they actually think

pr is powerful
I like turtles.
And utterly infuriating if you know it when you see it.
The thing that bothered me most is that there was literally nothing resembling metroid in that trailer, besides federation troopers which could VERY EASILY pass off as halo character lmao. There was no samus, no morph ball, no missiles, no metroids, no pirates (there were some in treehouse though i think?), nothing. At all. If you removed the name "Metroid", nobody would ever think it's a game related to metroid at all aside from blast ball.
red chamber dream
yeah the trailer was pretty terrible

to be fair (and only fair, because the game still looks lame), i did read that the main attacking weapons are all metroid items, like super missiles and whatnot
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kirbymastah: 2015-06-24 12:10:46 am
Honestly i'm pretty sure the reception wouldn't have been as bad if it either had Samus/hunters in it at all, and/or was named as a sequel to hunters or something... But meh doesn't even seem as fun as that
I think nintendo just see metroid as one of their IPs, and I mean we've had mario tennis and mario paint and mario kart and mario who knows what else ... this and metroid pinball are just kind of the same phenomenon to me, it's about trying to leverage branding
so no it's not a metroid game but then mario kart isn't a mario game either
I imagine nintendo are pretty confused about the outrage because it's no different to what they've been doing for years
Nintendo doesn't release Mario Kart after not producing a proper Mario title for 8 years
I like turtles.
Even Pinball didn't have the same circumstances surrounding its release.  And it was still a bit truer to the series' name than this.
The reaction to FF and pinball should be very different.  Pinball is pinball.  Most pinball games have a theme based on an already existing fiction, and everyone understands that. Star Wars pinball isn't ever considered to be part of the Star Wars series, for example.  FF doesn't really have that going for it, and even if it did, it's not really metroid themed.  It's just like some multiplayer game with the name metroid thrown onto it.  It doesn't make any sense.
red chamber dream
yeah, and mario is really the only series nintendo does this with. there will be the occasional zelda offshoot or something, but they consistently pump out main series zelda games too (and same with mario). i don't think this is the same thing at all. this is clearly what nintendo is saying metroid is, right now at least.
^ Well... considering we're getting Animal Crossing Party: Amiibo Edition, I'd say it's not the -only- series... at least not anymore...
red chamber dream
yeah they have to pad their 2015 lineup somehow because all the real games are coming in 2016

i have nothing but patience though ... there's so much in my backlog that i would be totally fine if no companies released new games for the next three years. ;)
Also there's tons of Pokemon spinoffs too.
red chamber dream
that's true, i didn't mean mario was literally the only one
red chamber dream
the pokemon spinoffs are mostly great too
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Turtle: 2015-06-25 06:21:51 pm
I like turtles.
It's an interesting point about spinoffs' being more justified relative to the prolificacy of their main series.  If Metroid were getting a main or highlight release every one or two years I'd actually be really interested to see a couple more spinoff titles.

Like, how about Metroid: Anthony Higgs Origins?  "Relive the formative years of the only acceptable part of Other M!"
red chamber dream
think i said something like this before, but i still really don't get why nintendo doesn't think a real metroid game would sell ... iirc fusion and zm did pretty well, at least enough to be considererd worthwhile and profitable, and that was way before the explosion of twitch and the rise of indie games which take a lot of inspiration from sm. they could easily and cheaply make more 2d metroids and i have no idea why they don't.
I like turtles.
It's probably a self-perpetuating problem.  The black sheep franchise doesn't sell well, so they don't make more, so it doesn't get recognition, so it doesn't sell well when it does...

Also, Nintendo's market may well have shifted away considerably from what it was when Super Metroid or even ZM was made.
I think the only data nintendo has concerning those titles outside of japan is sales figures.  I really don't think they have any idea that those games have become hugely influential gaming phenomenons, and it's like there's nobody at NOA that could or would clue them in on it.
I like turtles.
The West is pretty famously close to a non-factor in Nintendo's decisions, though, as far as I'm aware.
the lone hero thing is famously not compelling to the japanese, at least as far as I understand it
their games usually have some social aspect