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red chamber dream
right, and reports say that nintendo has moved retro off donkey kong
It's funny how much the console industry has died in Japan. 2014 was the most successful year for its gaming industry, and 60 of the profits came from mobile games.
red chamber dream
it's even crazier to me because japanese people don't understand the internet

so i'm not sure what mobile games they're playing lol
Well to be fair, they're still ridiculously isolationist with those. 80% of their mobile market's profits come from Puzzle and Dragons and Monster Strike: two Japanese developed games.
The gap in sales between those and other western-developed mobile apps is HUGE.
red chamber dream
they're still ridiculously isolationist with ________ lol
Tropical Freeze is seriously underrated. I'd honestly put it as one of Retro's best games. Lots of people don't seem to give it a chance because DK isn't a big name like Mario or Smash...
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red chamber dream
yeah, i'm playing through it now, and it's fantastic. way better than returns

dk is a big name for me since i grew up playing all 3 country games (and 64 which i unabashedly love), but i can see how it might be lost on kids these days
I just replayed Returns recently, because I want to support it on my editor and figured I should have some level of familiarity with the games I'm hacking... it's certainly a good game but it's crazy how much better Tropical Freeze is in pretty much every aspect. Level design, art, music, controls, etc.

I don't think people regard Tropical Freeze as a system seller... it's easy to just gloss it over because it seems like it's just another 2.5D platformer on the surface. Hell, I wasn't even sure whether I'd pick it up back when it came out. Certainly glad I did though.
red chamber dream
yeah returns was fun just not exceptional

freeze is fucking a+ though, the addition of cranky + dixie alone makes it a much more fun game
I need to try returns again.  I kept trying to get 100% on every level before moving on and I gave up in the last area cuz it was such a bitch
red chamber dream
man fuck that shit. those games are way too hard for me to bother with 100%. in tropical freeze i've just been getting all the kong letters, since they unlock stuff, and as many puzzle pieces as i can find on my first pass. i just want to unlock and play all the levels
But what about 200%??

... I never actually finished 200% in Tropical Freeze...
The temple jewels were a real bitch.  I can't imagine how hard the last temple must be.
The thing I really hated about that game was how you pretty much needed to buy the upgrades before each hard level, but once you die it starts you at the beginning of the level w/o the upgrades, and to purchase them again you have to go all the way back out to the map screen, repurchase, and reload the level.  On hard levels, you spend more time loading than playing.
I never really needed to buy any upgrades in the Retro DKCs except the odd occasion I just couldn't find a puzzle piece.
I also had a very hard time doing a high jump after bouncing off an enemy.  I could only pull it off one out of every four attempts, so levels that required you to do it were awful.  I tried everything but the timing was more elusive than any move I've ever done in any game.
I used to watch videos of people doing it all the time and think:  HOW the fuck are they doing that?!!
really? The timing for that seems fairly lenient to me... just press/hold A about the same time you bounce on the enemy.
red chamber dream
i buy tons of upgrades in freeze because there's nothing else to spend all those coins on, and upgrades save a ton of time

didn't use them at all in returns for some reason
That's exactly what I would do, but it just doesn't work.  And on the times when it actually does work, there was nothing I did different than the times that it didn't work.  With all the hours spent on that game, I can say that I've attempted it well over a thousand times and am no better at it now than the first time I tried it.  It sucks ass.
Weird. I never had problems with it.
Quote from arkarian:
i buy tons of upgrades in freeze because there's nothing else to spend all those coins on, and upgrades save a ton of time

didn't use them at all in returns for some reason

The trophy/capsule things are a pretty good use of coins
Something's definitely off about it.  I can waste god mode on GoW, and can relatively easily pull off all kinds of speed tricks in sm which require excellent timing, but that one move in DKR completely eludes me.
In DKR to high bounce off an enemy you can hold A at any time before landing on them, but after bouncing off one you have to let go and re-press A before landing on the next one.