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Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Quote from Tonski:
Who's the moron who told me Supers do 400 on Phantoon?! Now I have to do the second round all over again, the last super only does 300 damage.  Evil or Very Mad God damn it.

I did <3. That was obviously wrong, my apologies. Though CPadolf said that he took 37 missiles and 1 super missile.
No hard feelings, I'm now gladly done with the fight. :) I did my best and got
2 rounds !!

Kriole could you send me your smv of the Phantoon fight possibly? I have the mem. watch and out of curiosity I'd like to check your time and other things regarding the fight further.

Phantoon done and continuing forward. I got hella good refils almost full health, 8 missiles and 5 supers in one jump without any slowdown. :) Thanks for the tips regarding the fight.
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Saturn: 2007-11-06 01:10:09 pm
Quote from Kriole:

OMG! Shocked
This is too much already. We all get pwned by your new discoveries, which are not only useful in SMI but also in the original game. I (and brobably everybody except you) never in hell had such a crazy idea to try opening this gate with a distant Super Missile shot, even though this move was known in general. This might be a excellent trick for a RBO run, which now allows to use heros route (which delays Wave Beam and Speed Booster until going to Ridley), and due to this Tank would even allow to skip Crocomire and his one completely, saving MUCH time and alot of backtracking!

Simply incredible Kriole.

Hmm, thinking about this trick I first thought to make one last update to prevent it to work, but since alot of people already played this version, and because of this TASes, not to mention that this is a great trick that should definitely have it's use in this hack, I won't fix it. This 1.5 version will very likely be the last one ever.

I'm glad you managed to beat Phantoon to your satisfaction. Did you actually manage a delayed 2 round, or was the quick 3-rounder still faster in the end (which I think is)? Good luck for the next part of the run.
EDIT: Ahh, didn't notice the spoiler at first. Awesome!
Almost happy
Golden trick kriole, yes it is commonly known that things like this is possible (getting spore's supers are basically the same thing I think) but the application of it there is just crazy :P

Anyway, it turns out that delaying the 3rd E-tank saves way more then I first thought. Not getting it until after hijump alone saves ~4 seconds (a little more) and not having to refill at all on your way to phantoon probably saves another second or two. It also let's me have close to full health when fighting phantoon making missile drops easier.

And the loss? Well, I was able to collect almost two full energy tanks on the way to croc while only slowing down ~100 frames entering that battle with ~140 energy.
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Quote from Cpadolf:
Anyway, it turns out that delaying the 3rd E-tank saves way more then I first thought. Not getting it until after hijump alone saves ~4 seconds (a little more) and not having to refill at all on your way to phantoon probably saves another second or two. It also let's me have close to full health when fighting phantoon making missile drops easier.
I have thought of this trick too, since the entry to the 3rd E-tank cannot be executed perfectly with a morphball. I always hit the upper wall above the tunnel. I'm definitely gonna use this trick in my new run.

Thank you for the feedback about the Reverse Gate trick. Once again I was playing around and went "Wtf just happened" and it turned out to work. Funsies.

Just thought of something... wouldn't a 2-player Super Metroid game be awesome? Just think about the possibilities! :D
There some telephacy (sp) in the air?

I've been thinking about multiplayer Super Metroid for these couple of days too. :P That'd be really awesome.
Almost happy
Kraid sucks... It is prety much impossible to do him really fast because for some reason only about 1 out of 2 claws actually drops items, some simply don't. (Tested about 50 different frames with no luck)
Every Bit Counts
It's possible to do Norfair before Phantoon with 2 E-Tanks, right? If it is, you could probably get supers before Kraid, making the fight faster. Just something to think about.
Nope, Kraid gives access to 3 e-tanks, one behind him and 2 behind that closed door with hi-jump. So if you want to kill Kraid later, you would have to survive Norfair with one tank, and that might be too tedious to play and watch.
Almost happy
Yeah while being possible to do with pause abuse and probably being faster ingame it would simply be total suckness to watch.
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Right... here we go again. This is directly directed at Tonski, since he will soon have this encounter in his run.
I call this trick "Rolling thingies skip", probably already known, but still, it is a great timesaver since I noticed you cannot pseudo springball over those rolling monsters in maridia.
I greatly appreciate that you keep trying (and successing) finding timesavers for SM:I, thanks once again. This one I already knew though, I think I found it by accident when I was messing around with the game.

Thanks for the smv you sent to my email too, I checked our times when leaving Phantoon's room, the difference was 1 minute. CPadolf will have another one gained in comparison to my run though, so it's not much of a deal. :P

Am I forced to go and refil missiles there?
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Quote from Tonski:
Am I forced to go and refil missiles there?
No, there is a metroid there you have to kill to make the door open.

Quote from Tonski:
Thanks for the smv you sent to my email too, I checked our times when leaving Phantoon's room, the difference was 1 minute. CPadolf will have another one gained in comparison to my run though, so it's not much of a deal.  :P
That was awesome. A little more than I would have thought, but this shows how much optimization does to a run. My constant running back and forth for refills costs time indeed. You said "you wanted to check some other things about the fight", what was that?

I am at ceres station in my new run, and I am hoping for a surprisingly high escape time. Aiming for atleast 9:xx.
Nice to hear you've started your new run already. I'm very very positive it'll be better than my recent one, not only because you see and know all the tricks and so by now, but you'll also optimize more since it won't be a test run anymore, am I correct?

I wanted to check how easily could've it been improved like with beginning to shoot on different frames and using slower method of the doppler effect. You used strutter-walk if I recall correct, but the better method is to press forward for 1 frame and release for 1 frame forward 1 frame etc, and always make sure that when you shoot you press forward.

Anyway, good luck on the new run.
Almost happy
Quote from kriole:
I am at ceres station in my new run, and I am hoping for a surprisingly high escape time. Aiming for atleast 9:xx.

9:xx is not easy, it is close to the limit actually, I really hope you succeed in doing so and if you will concentrate that much on optimization it will be interesting to see how you will do against my run.

I'm 37 seconds faster than tonski when leaving kraid so that 1 minute guess might actually be quite good.
Go for ultimate SB run!  Cool

Pause screen abuse the shit outta it.
Every Bit Counts
I'm thinking of doing that.
Almost happy
AFAIK there is not many times you will benefit from doing so, the only immediate things that spring to mind is getting Supers before kraid and perhaps a few tanks in heated rooms early. Speedbooster is unobtainable until after draygon so the biggest potential benefit is killed there... Depending on exactly how early you can do LN it might do something good, but my guess is that you have to do many other things before doing so.
Oh no, if you are thinking about doing any of LN with the pausing technique, then stop thinking! I bet there is nobody who enjoys the rapid pausing and minimal movement in between. That might work as a demonstration, but doing longer bits with it is just stupid.
I like the idea of doing the first heated run with pausing though, that does not take so much time and the benefits are good.
I was kidding. Ever heard of jokes? ;)

I had to abuse pause screen twice in my run when going to Norfair main street from Croc, it's not that bad in my opinion though.
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Sigh... need 1 more frame to enter a perfect steam cycle in the ceres escape. If that happens 9:xx will be easy.

If one was to skip the WS super missile pack... what missile pack is the closest one to pick up? Since you need 25 missiles and 5 Smissiles for botwoon and the given route only provides 20 missiles. I cannot think of any.

And yes, I am thinking of pause abusing the way to early super missiles, since everyone else takes the given route ;]
Tonski, I was not scared of your joke, I was scared of Fano7s reply  :D
I know he would do it if the feedback is right.

I think using the pause abuse to do things normally impossible or hard is very acceptable, even nice. New glitches should be (ab)used whenever applicable.
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
Saturn, could you change the topic title so that it doesn't start with New anymore (it confuses the hell out of me when it says "New" at the start when there aren't any new posts). Or even better, just "Super Metroid Impossible" :-)
red chamber dream
Taken care of.
Although this hack is designed to be on the absolute limit between "Possible and Impossible", as the name already says, I beta-tested everything in the game to make sure that everything is possible to execute in realtime. It will just require insane amount of skill, which without alot of practice only the absolute experts would have.

This hack will be so hard that I really doubt there will be many who will have the skill to beat it without tools or only with very much luck and practicing. I think this hack would be even for player like Red Scarlet and Smokey a real challenge.

You can be sure there is nothing that will be impossible to get, I will test everything exactly to prevent that. It will be just hard to the limit.

That is a good way to start this one. I wanted to prove that Saturn did not write anything unnecessary in the first page of this topic. Therefore I made a run that plays through Super Metroid Impossible with 0 re-records!

This one should bring some change of pace to the TAS-hype going on around this hack.

Clear time 3:47
Items collected: 84 %
Recorded with snes9x v1.43v9

This run does not aim for speed; I would rather call it a survival mode, because the objective of this gameplay is not to accomplish everything in very little time, but to pass through the hack itself. It is made in 43 segments, basically to keep me from tearing my head off with frustration. Despite that many segments, this run took me weeks to make, because I had to play many segments dozens, even hundreds of times before getting them right. Though it may look easy, I can assure you that even the most simple-looking segment is not that easy to do. Remember, no do-overs, just casual gameplay from the moment I leave the save station. I used save stations implanted in the game as milestones, but I did not bother to restart the game every single time, so I just continued with savestates from save stations.

There is some controversy about saving before fighting Phantoon, because the save station is not active before Phantoon. I used it anyway, because it is not cool for the player and it is also superboring for the viewer to look me diving into that pre-WS lake more than 14 times (which is the number for this gameplay, because I have completely lost my skill to DBJ efficiently and couldnt achieve that level during this gameplay).

What else… overview on segments:

Here you can download all smv-files in a single zip-file, thank you PJMan

Parts 1-4 are quite the normal gameplay, you cannot expect much from this early on in the game. I could have used fewer segments, but it was done already and I was just getting used to “normal playing”

Part 5 was irritating, because from Spore Spawn to Kraids lair is a very long and tedious trip. I did not realize that downstairs in Norfair there was a save station, so I made the whole trip in one go. Luckily there are some longer segments as well and this is the first.

Part 6 http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.php/info/370991219/06%20Kraid.smv
Kraid was not hard, but tedious and long fight. Had to watch out that horizontally shooting platform because that meant instant death.

Parts 7-9 were just some running in hot rooms and killing Croc. Nothing hard, nothing spectacular. I did manage to pass the Norfair segment on my first try, which was good for me, because I once again forgot the existence of that Norfair save station and went to Kraids place to save my game….

Part 10 http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.php/info/957565617/10%20Morph%20Ball%20Maze.smv
Morph Ball Maze, the most tedious part of the whole game! Oh man what an accomplishment that was when I realized I passed it. Took me dozens of retries, maybe hundreds. Hours of work and practice too. I had to learn how to time the bombs and my hands were shaking especially in the last crumble blocks. Escaping the Super Missile room was not easy either.

Parts 11-12
I went back to get Hi-Jump and then off to Wrecked Ship. As said, I fell in the lake about 14 times before my DBJ succeeded (I decided beforehand that 15 tries is maximum and then I will restart the segment). That is unfortunate, but luckily we can choose speed in our emulators  =)

Part 13 http://dehacked.2y.net/microstorage.php/info/406150895/13%20Phantoon.smv
Phantoon was very annoying and I had to refill for energy every time I started a new segment. I knew that when I bang my head against the wall enough, I will get a good go sometime, and that is just what happened. I learned many new things about Phantoon during the fights too.

Parts 14-17
Here is some item collecting (WS Super, Maridia PB, Charge Beam and Norfair reserve tank.) I wanted to collect some energy before tackling x-ray tank, because Space Jump is not available beforehand in this “mode”

Part 18 was short but hard. That spike-walljump and morphing was hard, but after several tries I managed.

Parts 19-20
I went back to Brinstar and collected the x-ray E-tank, which was quite tricky after all. IBJ is very valuable skill in this game.

Part 21
Time for Maridia. I had to be careful when jumping platforms. Luckily I did not fall that many times, especially not in the floor level, because that would mean another detour, as you will notice later. I spent some time walljumping for the e-tank up there, because I knew what to expect with Draygon.

Part 22
Botwoon was quite hard too, I had no idea what was the best way to attack so I just did something randomly. I also had to guess where he would appear next. Jumping in sandpit was stupid, because I held B (dash) the whole time and thus was not able to jump on the sand surface. The moment I released B, I was able to make that jump  :)  I was afraid I would screw up the last jump before save station near Draygon, so I turned my Hi-Jump boots off once again just to play it safe.

Part 23
Draygon was the king of kings in this challenge! Oh dear god how much time and effort he took! You can see that I use slowdown in some places, because sometimes those green fuzzies just surprise you. Well they do in slo-mo too, but at least it makes it a little bit easier. Another place where I wanted to play it safe was when he caught me in his grip and I had to struggle out. Once again, this fight was solved by trying and trying and hoping for the good turn to arrive. This part took me several days and many, many hours to complete. I cannot picture the feeling after the last missile and the hole in his tummy  :D

Part 24
Spring Ball was interesting, because the route there was quite long and that spike walljumping was not very easy either. I got lucky with those flying thingies because they knocked me on top of the spikes and I did not have to kill them all one at a time. That consumed all my energy though, so the rest of the segment I had to play it safe not to screw up that luck I had. I panicked in the sandfall mid-room and went up for some energy, but there was no safe room available to stop by, so I had to go back and risk it all with that little energy I had left.

Part 25
Plasma was easy to get, but the rest was quite tedious with a few mistakes that were annoying and cost a lot of time. Also snagged the Reserve there, sayonara Maridia!

Part 26
Space Jump with normal means, this is the first time for me  :)

Part 27
Speed Booster run was hellish too, because one little mistake cost me a turn. I had to redo the first part many times, but luckily the second part went smoothly, right down to that incredibly flat mockball when escaping the lava. I admit it, it was an accident, but very nice one this time.

Part 28-33
Time for cleanup. I also took the Reverse Gate E-tank found by Kriole. Thanks for that, it really saved my ass later on  =)
Etecoon tank strategy was good, because those annoying thingies cannot attach to you if you are blinking, that is why I took the “lower route” in that room at first. Gauntlet was pretty standard stuff and WS had nothing special to offer. I took some of those further missiles too, because I thought at least they do not have any negative effect later on. Brinstar Cleanup was a little sloppy, sorry about that. I just had to get that Blue Brinstar missile tank and it was not that easy after all.

Part 34
This is an interesting item, the old grapple beam Super Missile tank. I went there from the backdoor since I have had enough of that Morph Ball Maze. I had to redo it anyway to get out of there. Maybe there was another route, but I did not bother to check it anymore. It was a little easier with Spring Ball, as well as the escape with Space Jump.

Parts 35-39
Then, time to enter Lower Norfair. I did pretty well in the lava pool so I figured I would try the old Chozo-reserve –trick to help me with the Golden Torizo fight. I was prepared to add some energy from the reserves separately but there was no need after all, I was able to make it. These low energy situations are the best, ey? Especially when playing without tools. GT was not much of a challenge with that many energy tanks and that many supers, so there was no need to even move during the fight  =)  EDIT: Oh, of course I have to thank AnimaZero for that one, he is the one who inspired that whole Chozo trick.
I had some trouble refilling and the rest of that segment was not that good either, so I decided to do what I had planned: Exit LN and come back with full arsenal. One pack of PBs and Supers helped me a lot.

Part 40
Ridley was tedious too, because there was a long way to go each and every time I had to restart. This fight was also not over in just one or two tries, it took much more than that. I had to resort to the pause-abuse trick in the end, but I think that is just neat when you cannot afford to time it wrong. Thanks for P.JMan for that trick, it really was more than handy this time.

Parts 41-42
Final cleanup had no thrilling moments whatsoever, so I just proceeded towards Mommy Brain.

Part 43
Mother Brain fight was long, hard and frustrating. Along with the Draygon fight this one took me many days as well. I had to learn her patterns and develop a good strategy, which I did: Activate Screw Attack again after Zebetite glitch, that one eases the task a lot. Spin jump every time you dodge the ground attack so you can maintain control all the time. I kept on jumping whenever it felt safe, because that horizontal yellow ray was much easier than the ground attack "egg" or whatever that is :) Safe means usually right after MB has launched one already, because she cannot fire them rapidly. When she is shooting rockets, you usually have time to blast two beams and then another one comes already. When rockets are random, you just have to maintain position in which you are able to react, just like in Kraid fight.
Last phase was easy, just point diagonally up and watch out for blue ring attacks that might come to the right direction.
Escape was crunk, first time I beat Mother Brain I still screwed up the escape because I did not enable Screw Attack and I fell down in the shaft after the Morph-jump-diagonal shinespark. That did not feel good, but I got a hold of myself and the final escape finishing time is my personal record. After the failure, I played my attempt back to the beginning of the escape and save stated there, then I practiced it a few dozen times until I was certain I would not fail again.

Wow, longest post ever. One more thing though: If you don’t want to load all 43 smvs separately, use the first link or tell me some other way to put the rar- or zip-file available. It is about 4,5 megabytes large, so I doubt it is possible to send it here. Also please tell me if there is something wrong with the links or the text itself, it is kinda tricky with all these addresses and I have never before used dehackeds microstorage.

Well, that is all, enjoy!

P.S. Anyone surprised?  :D