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E-Dragon: 2015-06-07 10:25:54 am
Regarding Quadraxis, I think it´d be better to get screw attack first (if that is possible ofc) to skip Quadraxis with the new MBI, to get lightsuit and then fight him (yes skip quadraxis to fight him afterwards <_< ), but that seems to be a lot more doable, if fighting him with MBI is still too hard. However that would require you to go back to the portal in hall of combat mastery / culling chamber, which means more MBI wallcrawling.

Also just to test around, how many SWs are in Sanctuary without screw attack ?
I know you can get oob at the purple door in dynamo works, but that requires dark beam, so you need to get oob somewhere else.
The problem is that there is no way to transition to the elevator to upper sanctuary without dark beam iirc.
Dang I thought you could also use the other elevator, but those areas are separated in the dark world.

Can´t you even transition there with oob ?
Culling Chamber has some morphball tunnels and if you have screw attack getting oob should be no problem.
However aetherjumping up the whole room seems to be impossible with only one E-Tank, so it might be only possible for TAS or if you can get there as morphball (which is unlikely I guess ) . The only other possibility I can think of is getting in bounds at the elevator and go oob again, but afaik there is no way to get oob in the elevator.

I think I will mess a bit around there and probably fail to get anything done, but at least I tried.