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Exact IGT: 1:10:30.14

This run was done in 14 segments over the course of 9 months, with months of break scattered around New Years. This run was a side project and as a result, was not very optimized, had a few mistakes here and there, and did not optimize save station use. Unfortunately, the IGT ended in such a way where a better final segment would not push the time down to 1:09, so I kept whatever I had to avoid unnecessary work. Unlike my 0:52, I actually saved segment times and de-interlaced the video! On a side note, a new route was found by Icefire once I was past the segment where the route would split, so I just continued normally.

Here is the list of segment times:

S1 - 1:58.617
S2 - 3:51.927
S3 - 9:01.767
S4 - 14:19.633
S5 - 19:43.000
S6 - 23:38.567
S7 - 25:59.017
S8 - 29:05.500
S9 - 38:30.450
S10 - 47:04.950
S11 - 54:34.634
S12 - 1:04:18.934
S13 - 1:05:46.034
Final: 1:10:30.194

And here is the download link for each save file: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/310379681503510529/314574931599818753/Hundo110Saves.rar
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rip the 1:09 dream
Seriously though nice job
27 minutes faster than radix
Video has been posted.