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red chamber dream
it's more that the games just don't sell there, the japanese have never been into metroid
I'm definitely looking forward to viewing the completed run.
What an outstanding achievement this is! That use of the pause screen is simply genius. I only ever tried pause buffering for the initial crouch. (I was pretty bad at it too, probably lost about 7 frames right there.)

Now I want to practice my pause buffering and try again. :P
Breaking news, BioSpark just had the worst Fusion run of all time and failed to collect any of the items.
inb4 spidey beats biospark's 0% segmented (eventual) time
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UchihaSasuke: 2013-08-08 06:39:31 pm
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i find it weird that there's almost no japanese runners for metroid games since F-Zero games, which are even less popular than Metroid, have several japanese people still setting records.
maybe that style just doesn't appeal to them much.

is the 0% going to be faster than 1% or does it lose time eventually due to the missing missiles?
i'm aiming for 0:47, but i'm also pretty sure i can get a 1% ss in 0:47
I keep checking back here every 6 months or so hoping to hear news like this. Good job!
glad it was worth it!
man, i'm way late on this news

awesome job!