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Quick little info dump thread. Previously, the only known version difference in 0-01 was the Arboretum gate skip being fixed. However, thanks to nate, we managed to get a dump of a 0-01 copy of Prime. Claris, Pwootage and I had a more thorough look in the files for version differences. 0-01 was built on 11/05/2002, only a week after 0-00 (10/29/2002), so naturally there's not very many changes.

Full list of significant non-code changes in 0-01:

- Fixed Arboretum runic gate skip.
- Minor tweaks to the Thardus battle. In particular, it seems like they made some changes to a few particle effects.
- Fixed a softlock in Research Core Access. In 0-00, if you enter the room from Research Core and stand next to the door, kill the drones, then walk forward, the doors lock and get you permanently stuck in the room. This was fixed in 0-01.
- Fixed morph ball camera getting stuck on the DBJ ledge in the underwater version of Biohazard Containment. Starting in 0-01, if the camera gets stuck on that ledge, it will reset when you touch the bottom floor of the room.
- Added a trigger in Ore Processing that alerts the Wave Trooper on the top floor if the player enters from Main Quarry. (I'm not sure why they made this change since you aren't supposed to be able to enter from that side until after the pirates are gone. This version doesn't have the Main Quarry door lock.)
- Minor collision adjustments in Metroid Quarantine B on the wall to the right of the Quarantine Access B door. In particular, it looks like they fixed a couple vertices that were pulled out too far in 0-00. This has the side effect of decreasing the size of the collision bounding box, which means the aether is a bit closer to the room in 0-01.
- Fixed the bug in the intro for the Metroid Prime battle where the white flash stays up permanently if you skip the cutscene at the wrong time.
- Fixed Kerry Ann Odem's name being misspelled in the credits as "Kerry Anne Odem".

Someone could do this for the other versions as well, it's just easier with 0-00 and 0-01 due to how similar they are to each other.

On a side note, the last known build of the game prior to Wii de Asobu, the JP/Player's Choice versions, was first compiled on 2/11/2003. This is only about two weeks after the first GameFAQs sequence breaking thread was started. That seems to suggest Retro already knew about most of the sequence break fixes that were made in those versions, rather than finding out about them from the internet.
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Although they openly admitted (to me at least) that they used SCU and M2k2 as super-helpful bug trackers (so the updates to the Wii versions for example).

At least they knew with us how to replicate any of the bugs we found! ;)