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How do you like the Ipod touch?
It's incredible! (3)
Meh nothing special (2)
Would like to get one (3)
Wouldn't like to get one (1)
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el padrino: 2007-11-27 11:21:56 pm
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red chamber dream
It certainly looks incredible, and from my limited experience with one at Best Buy, I can tell that I will definitely be getting one in the future.

I will not buy one until it can hold at least 80 GB, though–– that's currently the only thing stopping me from purchasing. Well, that and the fact that my 5G iPod with video is still working as great as always, so there's no real need to upgrade just yet.
Once they have larger storage, though, I'll get one immediately, whether they're flash- or disk-based; doesn't matter to me.
yeah, it's a shame solid state memory has a way to go yet. of course apple is just going to do what they did with the original ipod and help force the price down with the sales of the early units (first ipod was 5 gig). but i'm afraid due to that reason alone i'm going to have to get a 160 gig ipod classic instead of an ipod touch. having my whole library (currently at about 78.36 gig) with me on campus is just more important than having the first mass market handheld computer. at any rate my boss has an iphone he lets me use sometimes so it's not like i'm totally without access to one.

btw, proper capitalization is iPod, like iMac.
red chamber dream
Yeah, if they take too long (i.e. years) to release a touch with enough storage I'm gonna have to go with a classic, too. There is absolutely no way I could not have my entire library on my main iPod (okay, okay, it's only 5421 songs at 17.97 GB, but I expect it grow much more quickly over the next few years). My shuffle is solely for when I work out, and it's (finally) been getting heavy use since I started college.

After nate's Spaces pic I couldn't resist:


The AIM and X-Chat windows you see in the upper-right space are set to appear in every space, which is the only way I could possibly have it. doze work goes there, too; word processing in space 3; and Firefox/iTunes in space 1. For a long time, I've had an iTunes Dashboard widget that never saw any use, but lately I've been using it all the time to prevent switching spaces.

nate (and anyone else who has Leopard): found a little glitch in the interface: activate Spotlight, but don't type anything. With the search box up, reveal the desktop through Exposé (F11 for me), then activate Spaces (if you have it set to a keyboard shortcut) to view all spaces. Click on any space, then activate Spotlight again. You won't see the entire search window. Revealing the desktop again, then unrevealing it will fix the problem.
Reported it to Apple; you should too.
I would say it's incredible, but the iPhone is better in every way except price.
so what you're saying is you want it to be a phone too?

btw your sig is way too tall.
Generic overpriced Apple MP3 Player.
I also have got the 8 gig ipod touch. I only have about 4 gigs of music I listen to so the limited space doesn't bother me much plus there's loads of insecure wifi spots around my area.:P 

Safari is really well made.
Its great at showing pictures.
The video quality is insane.
They have managed to make cover flow into a feature I actually like.

You have to hack it to get more apps.
No way of changing songs or volume when its in your pocket. :(
red chamber dream
Quote from Duo Maxwell:
the iPhone is better in every way except price.


Quote from StarmanHaxor:
MP3 Player

Do people use that term anymore? Seems to be just "iPod" now. :P
So, yes, I would certainly agree that iPods are generic, but that only because they're so common; it's in no way a negative moniker.
Cook of the Sea
Quote from Arkarian:
Do people use that term anymore?

People who have something other than an ipod, sure.
red chamber dream
Quote from Arkarian:
Agent Heart
I am considering getting either an Ipod Touch or a new Nano to replace my stolen one. Depends on when I can get enough money for one of them (which should  be soon  grin new  grin new  grin new )